Learning & Development

Our enchanted and friendly nursery welcomes and cares for children aged between three months all the way to five years. Twisty Tails has a simple ethos; by monitoring the way in which children play we find out what interests them so activities can be incorporated into their schedules. We promote; individual personalities, courage and independence by helping children make their own choices through wonderful rich experiences reflected in learning and teaching methods.

Our highly qualified teachers along with the learning team carefully plan daily activities following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which is the statutory standard, outlined and put forward by the Department for Education. This is done to ensure that your child is offered a wide variety of stimulating but enjoyable activities, which will empower growth both academically and socially. There are two primary methods of teaching utilised by the staff, teacher led tasks and also independent learning this create scope for children to become advanced and achieve their optimal potential. We use a range of key approaches to stratify your child’s development:

  • Communication : designed to assesses interactions with others to encourage responses to surroundings
  • Creativity : experiment and exploration of sounds, shapes and colours to stimulate the imagination
  • Elaboration : encourage your child to be inquisitive and develop an urge to pose question
  • Engagement : embedding verbal, non-verbal skills to aid social and personal growth
  • Understanding : initiating a sense of awareness increasing confidence through learning by trial and error
A fantastic way in which we help parents personally feel a part of their child’s development process is via regular updates on the website, along with newsletters. These apparatuses provide innovative ideas on how to support your child’s learning and along with any events that are scheduled to take place. With the help of technological advancements Twisty Tails is proud to offer parents and carers with a secure online portal that has a regularly updated progression path of how your child is doing. Using a state of the art software tool the secure online portfolio is easily accessible at all times. The portal records your child’s activities, their learning journeys, progression and observations made by staff. The physical timetable is updated weekly and is available to view at the nursery on the parent’s board. We welcome parents and carers to join us at various events that we hold throughout the year, and to accompany us on field trips so that they can be an active part in their child’s educational transition.

Explorers – 3 Months to 1 Years

  • Staff help babies to explore the environment that they are in and familiarise themselves with their surroundings
  • Enhancing emotional and social development by incorporating innovative ways to build the foundations for communicating
  • Enforced a new ground breaking system ‘Sign with your baby’ this entails hand gestures that enable pre-speech children to communicate their needs and observations
  • Babies take part in highly interactive activities that include play and sensory experiences to increase progression

Discoverers – 1 Year to 2 Years

  • As babies grow we aim to integrate an inquisitive nature into them so that they can challenge boundaries and develop rapidly
  • Our staff members aid children in physical growth by actively encouraging; crawling, walking, running, jumping and climbing whilst learning.
  • The safe toddler rooms are equipped with state of the art toys and apparatus to support discovery
  • To encourage imaginative and creative attributes we use a range of; picture books, story telling, music and finger rhymes to cultivate listening and understanding skills for toddlers
  • Help toddlers to build confidence and inspire them to thrive in what they do, be it learning to talk or engage in other interactive activities

Inventors – 2 Years to Pre-school

  • As toddlers transform to pre-schoolers we consistently encourage self-managed activities as part of day-to-day plan
  • Some activities include: developing Information and technology abilities via using the latest technology and software programmes (on computers and tablets), enhance learning by dressing up as different characters and learning about them, encouraging messy play (finger/hand paining) ‘cooking’ in the play kitchen to learn about nutrition and so on in order to develop their independence and life skills
  • Nursery teachers use creative methods to implement literacy and numeracy skills in innovative and fun ways through for example letter/word/number games to cultivate and stimulate the children and challenge them mentally
  • Children are taught how to corporate with others respectfully pioneer them for a smooth transition into their future educational and social paths.