'Children show consistently good behaviour across the setting, showing kindness to adults and children equally. They help to care for and look after their nursery environment with pride.' Ofsted Report 2018

Ofsted regulates and inspects nurseries throughout England, ensuring that nurseries fully comply and maintain the National Standards set by them. We regularly review, develop our practice to Ofsted recommendations and requirements. 

The EYFS emphasizes on children learning through education and play. This helps them understand their surroundings, to develop socially and emotionally. 

Parent partnership and learning through play are the core values within the EYFS and at Twisty Tails Nursery we aim to follow these values to our best ability. 

The EYFS concentrates on 7 areas split between Prime and Specific areas of learning, as follows:

The Prime Areas of learning are:

     Communication and Language 

     Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

     Physical Development 


The Specific Areas of learning are:



     Expressive Arts and Design

     Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Our team records and monitors achievement in each of the 7 above areas. Each child will have individual learning profiles online for parents to check at anytime.

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