Sports Activities

At Twisty Tails Nursery we recognise that keeping children active helps them to develop in all areas of their learning. Therefore, we are providing weekly Super Star Sport session for children over 2 years old with a qualified coach.

The session consists of:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Fun games & activities
  • Fitness Fun (jogging, jumping, hopping, skipping)
  • Football fun
  • Games & activities using small footballs
  • Improved listening and general discipline
  • POSITIVE role models

Benefits of sport sessions in a day care:

Personal, Social and Emotional Aspect

Sport activities help children to understand that, as a team, you can do great things, achieve more, and have plenty of fun. Group games involve interacting with other children learning how to cooperate with each other in order to achieve desire outcome.

Communication and Language Development

All group activities give children the chance to practise their communication development, negotiation skills and expand their language

Promotion of healthy lifestyle

It is important to introduce exercise from a young age. This will start a very strong relationship with exercise, keeping fit and healthy habit choices.

Physical Development

Staying active and promoting this from a young age, will allow children to improve their fitness. Sport sessions are great for developing better hand/eye coordination by providing activities such as throwing and catching a ball, running and stopping when asked. Exercising outside also has the added benefit of getting a boost of vitamin D.

Discipline, respect and promoting positive behaviour

Learning how to follow the rules of the game, helps children develop self-discipline and respect for other players. Sports activities also teach children about turn taking and loosing and winning in a game. All of these skills are important in adulthood life to promote resilience in everyday situations.

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