Our philosophy is simple

‘To offer your child limitless development in a safe and friendly environment’

Twisty Tails Nurseries is a leading day care nursery in Stanmore, Colindale, and Pinner, dedicated to providing exceptional care and education for children aged 3 months to pre-school. We offer a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn, grow, and have fun.

At Twisty Tails Nurseries, we believe that every child is unique and has their own individual needs and abilities. Our team of experienced and qualified staff members is committed to creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment where every child can thrive. We strive to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes both children and parents feel at ease.

Learning & Development


Designed to assesses interactions with others to encourage responses to surroundings


encourage your child to be inquisitive and develop an urge to pose question


Experiment and exploration of sounds, shapes and colours to stimulate the imagination


Vittoria Rogers

Twisty Tails have been amazing with my son over the past 2 years. Staff are always accommodating and understanding. He absolutely loves it there and I will be so sad to see him move on to reception.

Eleni Tamvaki

I am very satisfied with the provided care to my little daughter. She started at the nursery when she was just 1 year old, and she showed excellent growth and achievements. She was always happy when we were arriving at the door and she enjoyed every moment. I totally recommend this nursery!

Chidinma Raymond

My son started nursery at a very young age and I was worried for how he will cope. However, my worries went away when I realised how much the staff actually do care for the children. I had confidence in the care he was receiving because I saw how much it helped him develop. It’s also reassuring how they carry me along with pictures and information about how he is being taken care of. I am excited about how much social experience and other amazing things he learns from nursery and I know it has greatly improved his overall growth and development.

Aiyana Best

My son is developing amazingly while…
Wonderful nursery
My son is developing amazingly while being at twisty tails nursery Pinner, I requested for the nursery practitioners to assist my son with his speech and language and he’s speaking a lot more, and he’s also coming along well with the pronunciation of his words and sentences. My son will come home singing the songs he’s learnt at nursery; he always leaves with a smile on his face and is always joyful and excited to see everyone when we arrive in the morning. The meals are always freshly made and filling for him. I can see that Twisty Tails Nursery Pinner has my sons best interest at heart. I am beyond grateful for all the lovely practitioners and wonderful manager at twisty tails.

M Choudhury

As first time parents you more cautious about anything and everything to do with your child, especially who you leave them with whilst at work. We visited many nurseries but nothing compared to the warm and welcoming environment that twisty tails provides and encourages. Although the nursery is out of our way and does add additional time to our commute none of the other nursery’s compared to the amazing team and most importantly the care that they provide to our daughter. Our settling in period was fantastic everything was talked through in detail, well structured and most importantly at a pace that suited both our daughter and my wife and I. She settled in much faster than we expected and by the end of it she went to all staff as if they were family members. We would highly recommend this nursery to all parents who want a homely atmosphere where their child would feel safe and a team that provide an outstanding service.

Naina Sharma

My son started going to nursery in April it took him some time to settle in, the staff was very helpful throughout the settling period.
He now enjoys going there. He is still in the process of making friends.

Reece C

My daughter has been at Twisty tails Pinner since she was 5 months old and she really enjoys attending daily. She has achieved so much and the staff are very caring and supportive.

Kaushala Kalhari

My daughter attended the nursery in Pinner. She had been there for about two months. We could see well development of her behaviour pattern, language and skills. Within that short time duration she had achieved lots of things. She loves the twisty tails nursery.
The nursery staff are very friendly and accommodating. Great nursery and lovely staff. Thank you

lona Swedrowska

Our settling period was fantastic, everything was talked through in detail, well structured and most importantly at the pace that suited my daughter and me. She settled in much faster than I expected. I would highly recommend this nursery to all parents who want a homely atmosphere where their child feel safe and team that provide outstanding service. Warm and welcoming environment.

Kaajal Halai

Many thanks to all the staff at Twisty Tails Stanmore for hard work, love and dedication. My daughter loves going to nursery, it’s home away from home, she runs into nursery every morning bursting with excitement. Bijal and Hemali are absolutely amazing in making everyday a fun environment for the children. I found the staff always go above and beyond, their hand over is always accurate and really helps me when doing the dinner/nighttime routine with my daughter. I feel I can ask them for advice without any judgement and always receive very useful tips. My daughter in a short while of being there has already become independent, feeding times have become easier, she’s applying what’s she’s learnt in nursery at home, and her speech has very much improved.

I highly recommend Twisty Tails Stanmore. We’re hugely grateful for the support, care and all the hard work of the nursery staff.