At Twisty Tails Nurseries we love seeing our children flourish from babies to young independent preschoolers. We support out children with child led and adult led activities. This creates an independent learning scope for children to reach their optimal potential. We use a range of key approaches to stratify your child’s development:

1. Help children to develop a strong sense of self identity

This is achieved through quality and positive experiences. Children are encouraged to learn about themselves, feel significant and respected, grow in confidence so they can explore and learn while at the same time be allowed to be a child.

2. Aid children to feel they are connected to their environment

When a child interacts and participates within groups, they are developing a sense of belonging, rights, and responsibilities. This further enhances their ability to learn and reflect on their own family’s and community’s values, traditions, and practices.

3. Encourage children to become confident

Confidence to explore develops from a sense of security of their environment and wellbeing. When a child feels they are secure, they shall experiment and learn quickly through which they shall develop competence. We help children to be active and be involved participants in their own learning, so they feel stable in their progression. We give children the opportunity to make their own choices, so they feel comfortable within their own setting.

4. Support children to become effective communicators

Children can communicate from birth. They use gestures and sounds to communicate with their primary care givers. Positive experiences with family, communities and carers during the early years can successfully develop the child’s foundations in language. We use a range of tools such as music and dance to encourage children to express themselves and connect with others.

Twisty Tails Nurseries have recently been awarded the ‘Most Nurturing Independent Early Years Providers – North West London’ and ‘Early Years Provider Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2020’.

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