Children love to learn, we all know this and our nurseries conduct many activities which allow children to consider light, colour, geometry, sizes and different shapes to help grow young minds. We plan physical activities where children can develop amazing fine motor control skills related to hand eye coordination which are important for writing skills during early childhood development.

Our nurseries cater to your child’s learning and development including art related topics which relate directly to their interests so that they are more engaged with the material in front of them. The more interested the child is, the more willing they are to approach the subject with enthusiasm.

Our teachers plan interesting and interactive learning experiences based on the children’s interests, so they can support the development of the childs’ creative side. The plan also involves all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

All our projects at Twisty Tails Nurseries are child-friendly and help each child to acquire an appreciation of what is known around their communities, like the geographical location of the school. Through interactive lessons, children can further develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor control skills, which will help improve handwriting patterns if they intend to enter the academic phase during their early years.

We like the children to discover geometry and mathematical figures as this empowers them to understand these topics in a more meaningful way than ever before! Other lessons take inspiration from surrealism and allow the children to express their own unique feelings through art. We believe that becoming aware of your emotions can help others to better understand how they perceive things, including their peers. For example, when addressing self-image ownership (by introducing the idea of self-portraits) we can identify what qualities make up our own appearance which is very much like looking in the mirror every day.

During the art classes, children have the opportunity to explore, discover, create and learn whilst developing correct pencil grips, mark making, colouring and drawing as it is about exciting opportunities to learn about the different styles and experiment with contrasting techniques.

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