Classic nursery school games (games that teach life skills) are more important than you think. These childhood classic games are very important for development and learning for a child and have many benefits for children as it can help with bonding, burning energy (exercise), amongst other skills that will benefit them later in life.

Below are a select few classic nursery school games to show what benefits they have and how they can help your child in the future.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a game that can help children pay attention to instructions and precise details, as well as provide children with leadership skills. Simon Says is an instruction game where one child asks their friends to do fun stuff by saying “Simon Says do 10 star jumps” or “Simon Says make a silly face” which result in other children following the instruction if the selected child says “Simon Says” before their instruction.

Children will find out very quickly that if they do not listen or pay attention to what is being said by being able to keep up with the others in the group.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is another classic children’s game. It promotes patience, conflict resolution and dealing with loss. To play this game the children need to place a set of chairs in a circle, one less than the number of children playing, and then proceed to play music as the children walk around the chairs. Each time the music stops playing the children must try and sit down on a chair. Whoever is left standing is out of the game and then another chair must be removed. The process must go on until there is one chair left and 2 children and the winner is the last child sitting down.

As Musical Chairs is being played, the children will learn how to deal with the disappointment of being out of the game while also teaching them patience as the game continues. One of the biggest skills that a child will learn is conflict resolution as disputes will arise about whose chair is whose and who sat down on the chair first, and they will learn how to communicate and resolve these issues while playing the game.

Hide & Seek

The legendary Hide and Seek is a magnificent game to teach problem solving. The aim of the game is to stay hidden for the longest while a selected child looks for the children who are hiding. Children must make quick decisions and assess the options that are in front of them to find the best hiding spot in a very short space of time. This helps children build up awareness of their surroundings which will allow them to make decisions. More experience is gained when children start to make more in depth assessments which will aid them in making better decisions, such as not hiding in well known spots etc.


Hopscotch, the classic playground game is excellent for critical thinking. Children draw a multi-square shape on the floor (normally with a crayon or chalk), and take turns in throwing a stone on the squares drawn on the floor. The child must hop on the squares on the floor avoiding the square where the stone has landed and return to the starting position. This game aids the child in planning and thinking quickly so that they can get through the course very quickly.

Most parents want the best for their children and want their child to learn and develop in a positive way. Many nursery games that look as if they are just fun are also teaching children some very good life skills.

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