Making sure your child eats healthy should be a priority for all parents as a healthy diet is vitally important for growing bodies. Some children do refuse food however perseverance is important as it will ensure that your child receives vital nutrients to grow and defend themselves from illness. The importance of adding plant based vitamins is just as vital for children since most illness occurs in bodies lacking key vitamins and minerals.

Consuming healthy food (and drink) with additional of physical activity, sleeping well and being happy can help your child in the following ways;

● Grow
● Learn
● Build strong bones
● Build muscles
● Maintain a healthy weight
● Reduce future chances of developing illnesses in the future
● Feel good about themselves

Twisty Tails Nurseries has listed the following strategies to help parents to encourage their child to eat well and stay healthy.


Give your child a prize such as a gold star sticker when they finish their meal or when they eat all their vegetables. This should help your child see eating healthy food as positive and should lead them to look forward to meal times.


Encouraging your young child with positivity should pay dividends during meal times. For example, you could make a smiling face with their food and then say `If you eat this smiley face, you will be smiling all day and play your games better”. Positivity such as this should help your child to regard food as a requirement.


Generally speaking, when children do not like a certain food, it is more often the texture or colour of the food which they do not like and not the taste. Being creative with food can help the parent to side step these issues by adding fruit to smoothies or by chopping up vegetables into fine pieces and adding them to a soup.

Let your children decide

Allowing your child to decide their food choices can be beneficial in multiple ways. From showing them how to grow their own fruit and vegetables in the garden to allowing them to pick the fresh ingredients they want to eat that week from the supermarket can encourage them to look at food differently.

Using their favourite Superhero

Children can be very fussy eaters however, by asking them what their favourite hero eats and using the answer as a way to encourage them to do the same can greatly help the child to eat their food.

Twisty Tails Nurseries regard providing your child with good food and good nutrients as a vital component of the service we provide to you and your child. To make an inquiry about our availability and to arrange a visit please see the details below. Thank you.

To make an enquiry about our availability and to arrange a visit please, see details below or  click here. Thank you.

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