Providing children with a range of learning resources, having interactive communication with them and allowing them to participate in activities can significantly help their ability to learn and grow with confidence. Allowing children to play in sand and water for example can help them be introduced to basic science and maths by teaching them that water is a fluid and not a solid, thus it can be measured in different sized containers. Fun learning techniques such as this can greatly help your child’s basic understanding of the world they will grow up in.

Early childhood activities lay the foundations for formal education and better learning. It is important to recognise that learning starts with parents and carers who are constantly engaging with the child by playing with them and responding to their requirements.If we consider that up to 85% of brain is developed by the age three and 90 % by age five, we soon realise the importance of early years learning and choosing the right environment for your child.

It’s important that learning is fun for your child at the crucial early learning stage of their lives. It needs to be about doing things with them which they enjoy while they learn and experiment. In other words, encouragement and not pushiness is the key rule and this is something which Twisty Tails Nurseries always adhere to. Children learn through all their senses (taste, touch, vision, hearing and smell) as they watch those around them and copy language and behaviour. This is why teaching and helping children is a dedicated full time job and why choosing the right nursery for your child is so important. We love what we do and we train all our staff to help children to learn and grow in as many ways as possible

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