How does Twisty Tails promote Personal, Social and Emotional Development?

  • We help children understand that we ‘all have’ the same personal and emotional needs.
  • We aid the development of taking turns and sharing through general play
  • We teach children how to form relationships with other children regardless of different backgrounds and/or cultures.
  • We explore different experiences by celebrating multicultural celebrations which help children understand and respect different people from different backgrounds.
  • We always celebrate the children’s birthdays with games and singing.
  • We help children to be independent and exercise the confidence they will need in later life by allowing them to act as helpers.

How does Twisty Tails promote Communication, Language and Literacy?

  • We provide books and valuable reading time during which the children can enjoy exploring books and the images and text within.
  • With storytelling and role-playing activities, the children can develop and expand their imagination and language skills.
  • We love to sing at all our Twisty Tails Nurseries and at the end of every session we have a singing session which helps the children better communicate and understand their precious place in the world.
  • We help develop vocabulary by playing language games which helps the children to identify letters and sounds more easily.

How does Twisty Tails promote Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy?

  • We create activities which encourage the children to sort through colour, shape, patterns and other
  • Children are able to engage in activities which measure volumes of water and sand.
  • We facilitate activities which allow children to compare sizes by using hands, feet and heights.
  • We encourage the exploring of numbers through counting, adding and subtracting objects in a fun way.

How do we promote Knowledge and Understanding of the World?

  • We explore science with fun experiments.
  • We facilitate the exploring of natural resources through sensory play.
  • We discuss and celebrate different cultures and their festivals.

How do we promote Physical Development?

  • We have a number of specially designed apparatus which help the children to develop essential gross motor skills.
  • Creative, problem solving and physical skills are developed through outside activities
  • We facilitate dancing as a fun activity as this takes many different forms of physical motion and movement.
  • We have soft play equipment that the children can climb and explore.

How do we promote Creative Development?

  • We use storytelling, role-play, music and movement to develop the children’s expressive skills.
  • We use a range of art and craft activities to develop artwork, i.e. clay, painting, charcoal, pencils and sticking to encourage creativity.

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