For young children’s brains to develop, participating in activities can help them to gain extra ability in their communication skills as they mature. Simple yet effective activities or games such as peek-a-boo are more than just a way to pass the time. Activities can help teach young children about how to communicate and further helps with analytical and problem-solving.
Early childhood activities lay the foundations for formal education and better learning and that’s why it is important to recognise that learning starts with parents (or carers) engaging with the child, playing with them and responding to their requirements.
The first two years of life is when the most significant brain development happens and should be viewed as a vital pillar to help shape a child’s future. Lack of play and communication (“under-stimulation”) can have long-term negative consequences on a child’s learning, physical and mental health. If we consider that 75-85% of brain development is completed by age three and 90 % by age five, this means learning core lessons in primary school are received too late. Unfortunately, within poorer families and/or where parents work long hours, access to toys and the ability to make time for play can have consequential damage on the child’s future and ability to succeed.
Studies in Jamaica amongst poorer families found that by encouraging play in this way benefitted the participants and reduced inequality in later life. Results twenty years later found that the children who were part of the study did better in school, had better social skills and were less likely to commit crimes. Their income was also an average of 25% higher in comparison to children who did not receive learning through play.
Twisty Tails Nurseries believe it’s important to recognise the crucial role that play has in early childhood development and wellbeing. Our staff are encouraged to engage with your child when they attend any one of our nurseries. We are one of North West London’s independent childcare providers. We care for children from the age of three months to five years (pre-school). At Twisty Tails Nurseries, we understand that your child’s safety and development are of paramount importance.

We have recently been awarded the ‘Most Nurturing Independent Early Years Providers – North West London’ and ‘Early Years Provider Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2020’.

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