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About Us

Twisty Tails Nursery is a leading provider of early education services full day care in the UK. We believe that every individual child has unique needs and abilities, and we strive to provide your babies and children with the best possible care and support to help them develop their skills, confidence, and love of learning.

Our key worker management system ensures that pre school, each child has a contact with a key worker, a dedicated teacher who works closely with them and their family to provide tailored support and guidance.

In summary, Twisty Tails Nursery provides a safe, secure, and nurturing nursery environment for children to learn and grow.

Our Team

Our teachers have good knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and use a range of proven teaching methods, including the Montessori approach, to help children learn and grow.

Our team of experienced and qualified teachers and management staff are committed to providing the highest quality of care and education to every child. We work closely with parents and carers to develop individualized care plans that meet the unique needs and interests of each child.

Welcoming And Bright Learning Environment

At Twisty Tails Nursery, we aim to offer the nursery a welcoming and bright learning environment that is designed to inspire and engage children.

Our facilities for kids include indoor and outdoor play areas, a sensory room, and a well-stocked library. We also offer kids a range of quality extracurricular activities, including music and dance classes, to help children develop their skills and interests.

Twisty Tails Nursery is part of the Blue Butterfly Montessori family of schools, which has a proven track record of excellence in early education. Our Penner branch of blue butterfly montessori nursery school, in particular, has received high ratings from parents and regulators alike for its outstanding facilities and curriculum.

Our individualized approach to quality early education, combined with our team of experienced teachers and management staff, ensures that every child receives the best possible care and support to develop their skills, confidence, and love of learning.

Early Education

Welcome to Twisty Tails Nursery, a fantastic childcare center dedicated to providing quality early education to children. Our aim as day nursery is to nurture and discover the abilities of every child, whilst helping them progress and learn in a creative and exciting way.

We acknowledge the importance of early education in the early years of a child’s life and are passionate about helping them settle into the school world with ease.

Our Teaching Approach

Our teaching approach focuses on the individual needs of each child. We understand that every child is unique and has their own way of learning. Therefore, we provide resources and opportunities for children to learn through play, stories, and exploration. Our dedicated staff is committed to creating a world where children can discover their passion and potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

At Twisty Tails Nursery, we believe that quality early education is the foundation for a child’s bright future. By joining our day nursery, families can rest assured that their child is receiving the best possible care and education. Our goal as day nursery is to help children develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life and become active members of their community.

We acknowledge the importance of the first few years of a child’s life in their overall development. Therefore, we provide a creative and stimulating environment in pre school that encourages children to explore their surroundings and develop their natural curiosity. Through our approach, children can progress and learn at their own pace, building confidence and self-esteem along the way.

Our Prime Areas Of Learning

Twisty Tails Nurseries Pinner branch is a day nursery dedicated to providing a fun, colourful and bright environment for children to learn and develop.

  • Communication and Language.

  • Personal Development.

  • Social Development.

  • Emotional Development.

  • Physical Development.

Are at the forefront of their teaching management approach.

The Blue Butterfly Montessori method of teaching is used to nurture each child’s individual abilities and promote their overall wellbeing. Our nurseries experienced teachers have noticed the ability of each child’s wellbeing and provide resources for learning through play, stories, and exploration.

Happy Environment

Twisty Tails Nurseries is a leading provider of childcare in the UK, offering a unique approach to early childhood education through the Blue Butterfly Montessori method.

Our full day care and nursery management, is dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of each child in our own nursery and care, ensuring that they feel safe, happy, and settled in their new environment.

At Twisty Tails, we believe that the best nurseries are those that prioritize the needs of each individual child, taking a personalized approach to their learning and development.

Our friendly and experienced management team understands the importance of creating a fun and supportive learning environment, where children can make new friends, explore their interests, and develop essential life skills.

Montessori Nursery Curriculum

With our Montessori nursery curriculum, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, using hands-on activities and exploration to develop their understanding of the world around them.

Our focus on the prime areas of learning, including Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, and Physical Development, ensures that each child receives a well-rounded education that promotes their overall growth and development.

Parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands at Twisty Tails Nurseries. Our dedicated staff members are trained in the latest childcare techniques and are committed to providing the highest standard of care for each child in our care.

We are grateful for the trust that parents place in us and take our responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children very seriously.

If you are looking for a school that prioritizes your child’s wellbeing and offers a unique, fun and effective approach to early childhood education, we invite you to join the Twisty Tails Nursery community.

We understand that many parents are eagerly waiting for a spot in our nursery, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to welcome new babies and families into our fantastic nursery community. Come and see for yourself why Twisty Tails Nurseries is one of the best nurseries in the UK.


Twisty Tails Nursery is a leading provider of early childhood education in the United States. They offer a wide range of programs that are designed to help children develop critical communication skills, including listening, speaking, and even reading and writing.

Our Key Ways

One of the key ways that Twisty Tails Nursery provides communication to children is through their focus on small group activities. By working in small groups, children are able to interact with their peers and develop their communication skills in a safe and supportive environment. These activities are carefully designed to be engaging and interactive, encouraging children to participate and express themselves.

Variety Of Language And Literacy Programs

In addition to small group activities, Twisty Tails Nursery also offers a variety of language and literacy programs. These programs are designed to help children build their vocabulary, learn basic grammar and syntax, and develop their reading and writing skills. By providing a solid foundation in language and literacy, Twisty Tails Nursery is helping children to communicate effectively with others and succeed in school and beyond.