Many leading educators now believe that we should combine play-based learning with rigorous academic standards. For example, a play centre could contain a water measuring cup, dishes and ‘pretend’ food as well as paper and pencils/crayons/markers which can be used to write recipes, make lists, and create advertisements for a new restaurant. The creative possibilities are endless. Not only does this play-based learning center address language standards, it also touches upon speaking and listening standards while encouraging creative play which emphasises an overall structured development.

Twisty Tails Nurseries believe classrooms should be areas play-based and hands-on learning activities that are well-thought-out intentional spaces — not just a free-for-all where the children jump from activity to activity. Lauren Harness, MEd, agrees. “When people say ‘play-based learning,’ I think what they go to is: ‘Just put them in a room with a bunch of toys and let them go at it. There you go, that’s play-based learning.’ But really purposeful play should be in classrooms, especially in a nursery classroom.

In children’s brains, when they’re playing, they’re doing the deepest learning. We know that through Piaget, Vygotsky, and all those good theorists who talk about the importance of play with young children.  In other words – use the classroom space as a teacher.

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