Confidence – Attending a nursery (or playgroup) can stimulate independence and self-confidence  by the child being away from their parents.

Learn new skills – From learning to hold a crayon to learning to count with cubes, your child can rapidly expand their skill set by attending nursery.

Responsibility – Being encouraged to wash hands before eating and practicing to hang their own coats up can help your child develop responsibility.

Preparation for school – What better way to ease your child’s transition to starting school than by attending nursery. A child that is already used to spending time in a highly effective learning environment is likely to find starting a new school a much easier transition.

New  friends – Children love having fun and a nursery is the perfect opportunity for your child to start making new friends and learn how friendship works.

Social Skills – Skills such as taking turns, listening to others, playing with other children and communicating their opinions are all vital social skills which your child can learn by attending nursery.

Empathy – Children can learn much more by interacting with others and gain a greater understanding of other people’s feelings and empathy in general.

Routine – Attending nursery provides children with a strong routine and structure to their day. This means they are aware of what is expected at certain times of the day.

Some ‘YOU’ Time –  From a parent’s perspective, your child attending nursery can provide some much needed time to tackle some of the other important tasks.

The bottom line is that every nursery should introduce at least one new activity to your child per day. These activities include but not be limited to;

  • Playing With The Sandpit, Water Table Or Playhouse
  • Painting, Drawing, Gluing And Sticking
  • Creating With Construction Blocks And Play Dough
  • Moving And Dancing To Music
  • Listening To Stories And Reading
  • Doing Jigsaws And Puzzles
  • Cooking Simple Dishes
  • Singing Songs And Nursery Rhymes

Though as adults we may not see the benefits of such activities or see how they may benefit your child – to your child these activities are hugely significant and help them grow many aspects of your forming personality – while they have fun!

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